Gimp, XQuartz, Gtk+ for Mac OS X and OpenOffice Aqua on Leopard

I wanted to have gimp on my mac. As it was suggested on the Wilber loves apple site, I also installed XQuartz - X11.app improved comparing to version shipped with leopard. It works fine. With this little hack I was even able to get rid of the most annoying feature of some X11 apps running on Mac. :)

While browsing WLA forum I found information, that there is native OS X gtk port which allows to build almost fully useable gimp - very interesting.

Unfortunately after X11.app upgrade OpenOffice stopped working. :( It is still possible to run it with console, but not from the icon. Looking for the solution I found more interesting OS X resources:


  1. You will need to edit the applescript main.scpt in the Resources folder inside the bundle for it to work correctly. Unfortunately the Mac Port team hasn't had the resources to sort this for Leopard.

    Milestone (non-patched builds) are available from http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/download/aqua.html

  2. Anonymous3/4/08 23:22