Tadedon - solid ground for any Java application

Some time ago I started project called tadedon. The name is coined by my little son Alan (Polish), and I assume it is short, unique, and easy to remember.

The whole projects consists of several maven modules, which are intended to be flexible tools for solving common problems. Each module is built on top of library like Guice, GWT, commons-configuration, etc. Tadedon modules shouldn't be considered as extensions to these libraries, but rather as a thin layer of code which allows to use these libraries in special contexts. Here is an example of tadedon-guice-servlet-mock module which supports unit testing of Guice Servlet Modules without the need of real servlet container.

I have already released version 1.0. Now tadedon needs some attention - it should attract more users, and developers. Any contributions are welcome. Putting tadedon modules into maven central repository seems the most important goal right now.