Maven google code upload plugin

The project is located here.

Example setup (works well with my projects) looks like:


The gcupload:gcupload maven target is added to our Hudson. We have differentia-javaica release build which takes care of everything - deploying jars to our Nexus as well as putting them to Google Code.


Differentia Javaica

I started a new project called differentia-javaica. Here is the quote from the original description:

The aim of this project is to compare two java source codes and check if they are equal. It is not a simple diff. It uses ANTLR to construct two Abstract Source Trees for java types and eventually compare these trees. As a consequence white spaces and comments will not affect comparison. Reordering of elements in source code will be treated as difference though.

This kind of comparison is especially helpful when writing unit tests for java source code generators. When we have expected source code it is possible to check if it equals to generated source code.

We are writing some Java source code generators right now at NCDC and this tools is quite helpful in unit testing. Thus we want to share it with community.